Terms and Conditions

1. Commencement

We will commence our services on your behalf immediately upon receipt of payment of our initial registration fee and return of the completed and signed client questionnaire.

2. Service

We will work together with you to acquire and secure a suitable property for you to purchase or rent as specified and within the criteria described and agreed with us ("the search criteria"), as may be varied by agreement between us

3. Fees

The initial registration fee to retain our services is £1,000 (including VAT). Our final fee is equal to 1.5% of the purchase price (plus VAT) or 15% of any saving we are able to make on your behalf between the asking price and the eventual purchase price (plus VAT) and is payable on exchange of contracts. Rental search - our final fees are based on the equivalent of 1 month’s rental (plus VAT) and is payable on signing the tenancy agreement. If you terminate our engagement and proceed to purchase or rent a property originally introduced by Acquire Property Search within twelve months of the termination date, the full fee is applicable. VAT is payable in addition unless stated otherwise.

4. Duration

Our terms of engagement, the registration fee will cover an initial period of twelve months, this agreement shall be deemed to continue until terminated by either party in writing. At the end of each period a further registration fee may be required.

5. Payment

Payment of fees (other than the Registration Fees) shall be made in full on exchange of contracts or within 7 days from the date of our invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest on any sums not paid on the due date at a rate of 4% per annum above base rate from time to time of Royal Bank of Scotland.

6. Liability

Details of properties, valuations, reports and other information provided by us are prepared in good faith and are solely for your guidance. They do not form any part of any contract relating to the purchase or rental of any property. We strongly recommend all prospective purchasers and/or tenants to take appropriate legal and other advice and to use the services of solicitors, surveyors, values and other specialists. The service provided by us is not intended as a substitute to obtaining such advice and accordingly no liability is accepted for any defects in legal title or in the fabric and structure of any property.

7. General

Any assignment is accepted on the basis that the final choice of property is the entire responsibility of the client. Furthermore, we take no responsibility whatsoever for the description of the property and in all cases must urge clients to undertake a most careful personal inspection as well as seeking professional advice as to structure, state of repair, valuation and legal title. Whilst we take every care in only introducing responsible and competent professional services, we cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any loss or claim howsoever arising by virtue of any work undertaken for clients by any other party including third party introduced by us.