Q - Are you estate agents?

A – No, we act as a buying consultant representing solely the interests of our clients. Estate agents work for the seller to achieve the highest price for their client. We work for you, the buyer, to acquire the right property for the most advantageous price.

Q - Are you in competition with estate agents?

A – No, we are complimentary to the whole process of locating and securing the best property for our clients. Estate agents know that we represent some of the best purchasers, motivated and financially qualified and give us advance notice of properties that are coming into the market.

Q - Don’t estate agents do this as well?

A – Yes, some have their own in-house buying departments but there the similarity ends, as invariably they have conflicts of interest. We are paid by our clients, the buyer, to solely act in their best interests, which is locating and securing the best houses on fair terms.

Q - Where do you operate?

A - For the last 15 years we have been located in Sunningdale, Berkshire and secured properties for clients in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, together with some just outside in Oxfordshire and Sussex. We have an extensive database of many of the area’s finest homes.

Q - How many clients do you act for at any one time?

A - The very nature of what we do and the clients we represent means that we act for a limited number at any one time, providing a highly personal service.

Q – Aren’t my requirements the same as everyone else’s?

A - Given the size of the market and limiting our expertise to clients’ varied needs rarely has a conflict arisen. Should such a situation ever arise we would stand down rather than risk our reputation in any way.

Q - Who are your clients?

A - The majority of our clients are busy people who do not have the time to devote to an effective property search. They appreciate the benefits of having an unbiased property consultant working for them. The majority of our clients are by recommendation and are UK based. Other clients are from overseas and again respect the independent expertise and market knowledge that only a buying agent can provide.

Q - Do you find rental property?

A – Yes, we work for private and corporate clients in securing rental options.

Q - Do you only buy large country houses?

A - Whilst we have secured for clients many country houses we purchase homes for clients at all levels of the market. Indeed we are proud to have a varied clientele with purchases from £500,000 to £15 million and rentals from £2000 to £20,000 per month.

Q - Isn’t your service just a luxury?

A - Unashamedly yes if you define luxury as representing our clients professionally to locate and acquire a property minimising any waste of time and securing the best property at the most advantageous price.

Q - What other services do you offer?

A - We are able to offer in depth analysis on the areas that we cover, including schooling and the locality environment and introduce our clients to other professionals where appropriate who are able to provide tailored individual services. This can include architectural and building services, financial and planning and interior design